The Solana

December 7th

The Clans


Fire ,   Earth ,  Inner-Peace

Their ancestors are Masters of Fine Martial Arts, who cultivated ancient traditions by finding inner peace and modesty. No challenge can frighten them - they can succeed in the harshest conditions and the utmost difficult situations. No opposer could keep up with their endurance and persistence on the battlefield.


Magic ,   Stars ,   Manipulation

Cats are descendants of a civilization from a distant planet. They are wizards who have the ability to alter reality. Masters of disguise which dodge all sorts of difficulties with gracefulness who can make you forget who you are. Their powers derive from ​​other planets and stars.


We started with a mission - to create the most value for our community.
Let’s show you how we plan to do that

 pre launch 

Community incentives

Giveaways, challenges and much more to give back to the community.


Creation of extremely rare one of one editions to be given away to minters.


Whitelisted members will have the opportunity to mint at a discounted price of 1.19 SOL


7th of December Only official link in our Discord for only 1,49 SOL

 post launch 


Magic Eden and Solanart are the marketplaces of choice due to their reliability and the future they can provide for our project.


80% of the Royalties will be given back to the community and the other 20% are for charity!

Start of The Conquest

The legendary event where the two clans will rival each other for $250,000 in prizes. More information in The Conquest

More than Merch

Merch - yes, Paid - no. All NFT owners have a chance to win 1-1 figures of your Gou or Neko with your discord name engraved on it! Hoodies, Pillows and T-Shirts - we have it all.


We will collaborate with amazing artists in the community to airdrop Items which will be later used to “mutate” your NFT.

Season 2

to be continued.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What can I expect from this Project?

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This Project will allow you to participate in the legendary battle between the Gǒu and the Neko Clans. You can expect a lot of prizes, action-packed challenges, giveaways and most importantly, a welcoming community!

What is the mint price?

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1,19 SOL for whitelist and 1,49 for Public.

When is the launch?

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7th of December

How many can I buy?

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There is no limit per wallet; however, the limit is 1 per tx with the effort to have a broader hodler community.

How can I get whitelisted

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The Whitelist is limited to only 500 spots! Check out our server - don’t miss your chance on grabbing a spot!

How do I buy the NFT?

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We recommend using Phantom wallet for desktop and Sollet for mobile. However Desktop gives you a better chance at securing the release. Guides on how to create wallets are in our discord

Should I refresh the website?

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No, after the timer ends a “mint’ button will appear. The only Official link will be posted at the time of launch on our Discord.

Why should I buy?

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As we are one of the first projects where the floor value of the NFT doesn’t matter because we have come up with original ideas on ways to reward our holders. Over $300,000 will be given away (based on mint %) including cash, physical prizes and much more. Not only do we provide life-changing prizes, but you will have the chance to have an unforgettable experience only for the price of one mint.

What is “The Conquest”?

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The conquest is a first of its kind and one of the most significant events in Solana NFt history.

Is the team doxxed?

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Yes, check TEAM

Why Solana?

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After doing thorough research we saw that people spent over $180 on average in fees on a single mint. That would mean that for our collection that would save in total over $1,500,000 for all of the minters as a Solana transaction has a fee lower than a $1. Instant transactions and a smaller environmental footprint are also reasons we decided to use Solana instead of other cryptocurrencies.




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